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About zwhart

I've always been the odd one out, never felt at home except in a world that was not mine, but one found in books and movies. At 19, I enrolled at the local college doing Fine Arts, learning to be a goldsmith. Not exactly love at first sight, but at least the interest was there. Once graduated, I came out with a series of mourning and remembrance jewellery. But to be honest, it felt like a daunting task, designing for others. Too many compromises. 
After a long pause - besides the two plus kids, Mr zwhart and me got three more children (finally feeling at home) - in which I learned that compromises simply are a part of life (growing up, it's called), I decided it was time for a comeback to the world of the working class.
An opportunity and some ever-present interests determined the fate of zwhart. Jewellery, accessories and even some clothing... but with an edge. 
Because black-lovers come in different shapes and sizes, zwhart has become a bit eclectic. Some of us like the subtle and mysterious undertones of this non-color, as a tantalizing promise for exciting times to come... Others wear black as a loud outspoken statement. 
Granted, most of us are in-betweens. Especially at  38 or any other age, but with kids running around, doing the housekeeping, work & all the other shit we have to manage... We just don't have the time to be a full-time Goth anymore, nor a 24/7 vintage pin-up or a Punk. But if and when possible, we llike to show off our dark side in the jewellery and the accessories we wear. Yes, we may be 'old' or we may be mums... But damn, let us reclaim the Darkness (no, not  talking about Justin & co), but let us indulge in being who we were before it all got so serious (but with extra money to buy quality ;-)).
Check out our jewellery from Nu-Goth brand 'the rogue+the wolf' and look beyond their -young- image. See the beauty and craftmanship in the so-called horror-pieces from Curiology. Their lasercut jewellery are light to wear and fun... in a morbid kind of way, but who doesn't like to wear crosses as earrings?! The pointy ones are my favorite ;-) And the clothes... You gotta love Collectif. Their basics and accessories are super! The vintage styled dresses from Hell Bunny have an amazing fit, even when you're a plus size (like me!) they look great. Pair it with a petticoat from Banned and you are ready to PARTY! Spin Doctor has the same quality as Hell Bunny, but their inspiration comes from another era. For our everyday wear, we've got some t-shirts from Darkside. Great fit, super prints. Even bought the flip-flops to match :-)
At zwhart we like to offer a bit of everything for everyone, from poetic to in your face... as long as it is black ;-) Dare to be be different, dare to be yourself at any age or point of life.